Friday, January 10, 2014

No goodbye

There is no bye to who they wanted, there are no distances or forgetfulness, for whom the heart keeps.

There is no fear when there is hope, there is no doubt to confidence.

There is no oblivion where memories live. There are no barriers to a feeling.

And as there is no reason when the heart sends, here I continue not wanting to let go, I take you and keep you in my eyes, in my fingertips, in me beat.

As my stubbornness is stronger than this tedium, I cling to my dream and not leave it to split. I grabbed me with nails and teeth to what I feel, but all say that it is useless to continue.

There is no tiredness if I took your breath which fills me with strength, if it bears a name my goal.

There is no sadness if I keep the laughter and the joy of your soul in my soul.

There is no end where there are still roads, when even my steps look for your destination.

So now breathe and in every breath I take you with me, live with your beat in my heart, dream with your eyes in my dream, while live this is my hope, take this in every memory, because in my love there is oblivion, because there is no farewell when he wanted, was that in another way, you will be with me.