Friday, January 3, 2014

Lessons of life

Your opponents in life are there for good, they allow you to question yourself when necessary and strive to improve.
There are people who can fill our life with magic, if you give just the chance to say Abracadabra.

True friends don't go away with distance or time, as share with you a special link impossible to break.

The light of a match is tenuous, but is able to get away for a moment the black darkness, thus are friends in life.
A life is not lived as long as you lived, if not by the intensity with which you did.

When someone searches for your hand, you don't retire it, sometimes shake hands with someone, it is sufficient to ward off their pain.
When you want to start a path, don't ask more questions of a necessary, but to try and always you on faith.
Never say never, because doing it, close the door to opportunities that you don't know.

Always think before you speak, because you can go wrong. If you do not, have the humility to repair the damage that your words made.
The worst thing is not that others do not create in you, if you do not you can believe in yourself.
Be self-critical is good, but you aren't so hard with yourself. That your fear to be wrong and your criticism, it does not impede you moving forward.

The worst enemy when you want to achieve something, is the fear to not do it.
Do not use lack of time as an excuse to not follow your dreams behind.

An easy path, believe me, do not reach anywhere. The true triumph but not the watch is always at the end of a path full of obstacles.
When you are able to silence your mind, you will be able to listen your heart.
Sometimes we need to lose something, or someone, to understand how much touched our soul.

When you've lost a loved one, your belief in a sky, or in a place of peace which save them, is necessary
Cry, never fix things, but allows you to relieve your soul, which is good and necessary to advance.

Teachings of life, are a set of thoughts of what we have learned in the transit of this magical journey called life. Tries to remember: you have learned your?

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