Wednesday, November 27, 2013

That means dream arena

At Dream sand we can say that the sand is an element that can be of vital importance when interpreting a dream. It is difficult to find meaning in the sand by itself , although it can give you guidance on what sleep is concerned.

Dreaming of sand announces an uncertain situation . Risk of facts whose fear could lead to serious constraints on their businesses. Conflict at home, engaged friendly relations , emotional loneliness .

Dreaming of sand is interpreted sparingly fortunately otherwise mundane concern is mental and if the amount is excessive. Verse hand buried in the sand is doomed to be a problem that concerns you too .

Dreaming carrying amount of sand and forth , is to get money and a lot of good . Walking on sand is dry subject addressed moral and material, is also harvest and heavy chain or tied up. Bode life or death, wealth or poverty , sorrow , sadness, discord. Others translated the sand tiring and difficult job.

For women the sand is a bad omen if you dream of walking on sand , because it announces widowhood , but if the man trudging dreams on sand, is indicative of the death of his wife.

Dreaming of red sand is dignity , the white is the source of life for astrologers , yellow sand is a sick repentance and salvation.

Dreaming of a beach of fine sand is a good omen, because promises serenity and sensuality. But dream in any other form , sand announces problems and failures because of our plans and projects have been little studied and lack a solid foundation.

To dream that walked wearily across the sand reflects the fear that we began to feel that we will not achieve the proposed goal , and dream we found sand in the food or clothing, the anxiety about the unstable situation in which we find ourselves .

That means deam automobile

Dream car , auto , truck or car , depending on how you call it, is related to the control over our own lives and the way in which we conduct matters .

In a dream , a car represents your ambition and your ability to navigate from one stage of life to another. It is a symbol of their independence and control exercised over their own lives .

If you drive , indicating that it has an active role in real life . It will be a time of positive change , in which you will be direct problem. The changes will affect you on all levels: family, love , work, health , money .

If another drive and you go on the back seat , indicates a low self-esteem at this point in his life and that allows others to make decisions that affect their lives . Feeling helpless and unable to react .

If you lose control of the car, you may have covered too much and should slow down.

If you dream of a car almost hit him , it may be that your lifestyle , beliefs or goals are against another person close to you.

To dream that you are losing a car, means you'll find obstacles to their projects and all planes suffer a delay.

To dream that you are buying a new car, it's premonition of money gains , pleasures and a promising future.